Effective Computer Science - 頂は礎の上に -





・ 宝くじに当たる(⇔外れる) win (⇔lose) a lottery

・ 強運である be very fortunate

・ 当たる確率は(100分の1)である chances of winning could be (one-hundredth=1/100=1%)

・ 運試し trial of one’s luck

・ (人)を信用しない、疑う distrust (someone)

・ 寄付する donate

・ 独り占めにする have something (all) to oneself / monopolize

・ 運も実力のうちだ have luck as a talent

・ 勝ち目がある/ない The odds are in my favor. / The odds are against me.

・ 大当たりをとる hit the jackpot


  1. Suppose you won 100 million yen, what would you use it for? Share your ideas.


宝くじ当選して大金に喜ぶ家族 2. Do you think you are very fortunate? Why?


四つ葉のクローバー 3. It’s true that some people who won a lottery became unhappy. Why do you think that happens?